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Driving Lessons

Initial driving lesson

On your very first lesson we will put you at ease and aim to get you driving on your very first lesson. We have over 12 years of experience and as of writing this in August 2018 have 32 passes this year. The first lesson is all about showing you the controls and making sure your comfortable to get going. We encourage you to set a target date so you can visualise your goal.

Ongoing driving lessons

On going lessons are pretty standard for us in terms of teaching you the correct curriculum to get you to passing your driving test. We aim to make your lessons as interesting and enjoyable at the same time as getting you ready for test day. You will be constantly learning your theory as we do the lessons as this is vital for the all important theory test.

Practical Test

On test day we will pick you up 1hour  before the exam where you will warm up and get into driving. We will arrive at the test centre with plenty of time to get ready and settle in. You will be well prepared on your previous lessons for your driving test and once the test is done we will drop you off at home. We are fully invested in getting you that all important driving licence.

Refresher lessons

If you have had lessons before and just need some refresher lessons before your practical test we can help. We will get you booked in for an assessment to see where you are currently at and then help you brush up on your skills getting you ready for test.

Sometimes we have students who have already passed their exam but have not driven for a while. This happens from time to time and we can help you get rid of the cobwebs and ensure you’re comfortable driving again.

Greengates Test Rescue

If you have sat a test and unfortunately not passed in the last few weeks. We have a special offer which is £20 for an hours assessment and you can see how you get on with us. We are very confident you will learn lots with us and help you get that pass you are working hard for.